chickasaw cycling club

We are creating a removal ride of the Chickasaw Nation from Mississippi to Oklahoma. This ride is being planned for 2024. The ride is designed to follow the historical removal trail that the Chickasaws took from Mississippi. The main group started near the armory off Old Military Road in Mississippi and picked up Chickasaws from different areas as they traveled to Memphis. In Arkansas there are multiple directions the Nation took to cross the state. Some went by river; some went by the North and South land routes. We will follow the Northern route since most Chickasaws took this route to Little Rock and then on to Fort Smith. 

Our ride will mimic what the Nation experienced when they were removed from Mississippi. The group included elders, women and children and our ride should reflect the removal as close as possible. Therefore, as a group we will move as the slowest of our group. The young warriors will look out for the elders and others traveling in our group. This is a spiritual ride with our ancestors to feel their pain, determination and strength to overcome and not be defeated.

We used several sources to follow the historical routes of the Chickasaw people. However, most information came from the Chickasaw Removal book written by Paige / Bumper / Littlefield and the Arkansas Historical Society. If you are interested in participating in this ride click on the contact button below